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Segway Alternative Warranty Procedures for RoboScooters Personal Transporters

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Warranty Info for Roboscooters Transporters

All of our Transporters come with at least a One Year Manufacturer Warranty

We receive questions everyday from customers who want to know How we Deal with Warranties and the procedures involved in our Segway Alternative Style Personal Transporters.  In a nutshell we will explain our procedure here.

If you purchase a Segway Style Personal Transporter or any mobility scooter from us not only do we offer the best customer service in the industry we work with you and that particular warranty company that is involved to solve any issues that may come up. ( We work Directly with many different Manufacturers  Both in and out of the USA and Have Warehouses all over the USA and China )

If your issue cannot be resolved efficiently we offer the option of  you sending the units back to us for repair or warranty procedures as we are considered experts in the field.  You are responsible for the shipping both ways even if the unit is under warranty until we can verify what the cause of the problem. 

If apropiate and ok'd by the Manufacturer we will get the warranty people to reimburse the shipping if it was a malfunction that you were not responsible for and it was under warranty. We try to make it very clear there are no Guarantees on Reimbursed Shipping.  This has nothing to do with our personal service this is how  most of the manufacturers operate.

We do not Build the Personal Transporters that we offer at Roboscooters or work on the Assembly line that puts them together,  so we cannot be held Personally Responsible if your unit malfunctions or something goes wrong. 

We will do our absolute best to help you fix the issue, if it is a part that needs replacing or we cannot solve your issue by phone, email and videos, we do offer the option for you to send the transporter back to us and we complete the repairs.  But as stated before you will be responsible for shipping both ways and parts and labor if the malfunction is deemed not covered by the Warranty.

NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY: ( If you crash it, drop it off a building, submerge it in water, or do anything other than drive it under NORMAL Circumstances then the warranty is null and void....many of our transporters claim to be waterproof but that doesn't mean you should ride them in a lake or off a cliff )

If the units are under warranty we will Honestly do everything we can to try and get your shipping money back, but again there are no Guarantees as it will depend on your particular situation, the issue or problem and the Manufacturer involved.

If you send us a unit back for repair and it is not covered by warranty you will be responsible for parts, labor and Return Shipping. ( It will be determined before hand any charges if any you may incur )  Our parts and labor are very reasonable and will vary from transporter to transporter.

Most of the Transporters we offer at  are designed to be Unbelievably easy to work on.  Anybody with a little instruction can replace a Fuse, Sensor, Battery, Mother Board, or other part that may malfunction, but if you'd rather not do it or be worried with it you can either ship it back to us and we will do it or you can find a competent service person to help you out.

Each case is different and handled on a case by case basis.  We go above and beyond to do our absolute best to make sure if you have any issues that you are treated fairly and your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have any Questions or Concerns Before, During or After Your Purchase please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.  You will discover we offer the best customer service in the industry and treat everybody the way we want to be treated.  We believe in Karma and doing whats right and will be brutally honest with you if we think a particular Transporter is not right for you.

1-910-373-3017 ( Call or Text )

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING:   We realize sometimes it may take a little longer to receive your Segway style Personal transporter but you will receive it.  You can contact us at any time during the ordering process to check on your transporter. We try to provide a tracking number as soon as we can, and always try to answer the phone or return your call within 24 hrs.  

We do not take our customers money and run. We are here to help you and make your purchase as painless and worry free as possible and will be Completely Honest with you about your questions and concerns.

Spending MONEY on the  INTERNET: We understand when some people consider spending this kind of money on the internet they will have concerns about receiving their Transporter or Merchandise, ( Will I get it? Is this a scam?  Why is my order taking so long if they are legit? )  we completely understand all these concerns as this is quite normal, but rest assured we are a God Fearing Company who believe if you do good, good things will happen to you, if you do bad, then bad things will happen to you.  

We are the most down to earth Company you are going to find anywhere, who will try to do everything we can to understand your wants and needs and offer the Best Customer Service we can possibly provide.

We have many References if you need them.  We have many references available including Aaron Krauss the Scrubb Daddy King who was featured on The Hit TV Show Shark Tank. ( Google Him ) We have many famous people who have ordered from us, as well as normal everyday folks, as well as actual Segway Dealerships who use our scooters in place of the real segways on their tours.  So when thinking of ordering consider we have been around since 2013 and are experts in the field of personal transportation.

Special Note:  We Reserve our Right Not to Sell to Anyone Should we Determine it may cause Issues down the line.

All Sales are Final No Refunds or Exchanges

 Not Responsible for Injurys or Accidents